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About Art of You Hair and Beauty Salon

When we first made the decision to open a Hair and Beauty salon together, we didn’t quite predict the journey ahead.

Hair and Beauty

Developing our brand continues to be a labour of love.
When we started looking into the type of products and treatments we wanted to offer our clients, we both passionately agreed that they needed to be kinder, fairer and safer.

We quickly learned that cutting through the marketing campaigns of big companies and getting to what’s really in those products we all use day to day is really difficult.

There really is no one size fits all when it comes to what people find is the most important thing so we picked what we believe to be a good combination of the kindest, fairest and safest options of high quality product ranges currently available.

Hair and BeautyWe will always insist that our products are cruelty free and being a certified Eco hair and beauty salon, we are committed to being a responsible and sustainable business doing our bit in improving the environment for future generations.

We use Low energy lighting, Energy saving technologies, Water saving technologies, Disposable (recyclable) towels, Reducing colour waste and recycling waste where possible.

As the hair and beauty industry moves ahead and continuous to develop the quality and safety of their ingredients, we will continue to actively seek out those products that are the healthiest available.

We welcome product suggestions from our clients and potential companies that share our ethos and look forward to welcoming you to our salon.

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We offer a range of vegan products both in our shop and salon. When booking appointments please advise that you are vegan and we will ensure that only vegan products are used.

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