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Maria Nila Colour refresh


cacao 6.00vanilla 10.32Autumn red 6.60azure 0.11black 2.00white 1.00bright copper 7.40bright red 0.66cacao intense 4.10pearl silver 0.20pink pop 0.06vivid violet 0.22


Maria Nila Colour Refresh is a nourishing hair masque with colour pigments that quickly and easy refreshes the hair. The masque contains temporary pigments that gradually are washed out of the hair.
The colour stays between 4-10 washes.

The Colour Refresh range comes in 13 different shades.

The various nuances can never brighten up an already existing colour. The result of the colour depends on the hair’s existing colour or quality. The lighter shades are thereby more suited for light coloured hair while the darker shades works on both light and dark coloured hair. You can mix the shades in the Colour Refresh range with each other. They are specially designed so you can create your own perfect shade.


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cacao 6.00, vanilla 10.32, Autumn red 6.60, azure 0.11, black 2.00, white 1.00, bright copper 7.40, bright red 0.66, cacao intense 4.10, pearl silver 0.20, pink pop 0.06, sand 8.32, vivid violet 0.22


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maria nila colour_refresh
Maria Nila Colour refresh